Development Squad Management leave, the Chairman's Statement

Written by Peter Pitts on 29th May 2017

John Embery and Jermain Darlington have been announced as the new management team at Herne Bay.

Chairman's Statement: When Tony Cornwall suggested two years ago that we gave John Embery and Jermaine Darlington and their lads a chance to step up to our level it was really good news. They have done really well they go with our best wishes and we are sure they will be successful.

They want to manage now at our first team level and we could not meet their needs for this. That development team has been together for years and as they all came together it follows that a number will leave together.

Our Youth structure continues to grow and whilst we might not be able to immediately field a development team we have next season two U18 sides which can continue our progress.

We have just had our best season for 8 years and myself and the committee are looking forward to helping Nick, Tony and all the Management team move the club forward.

In my five years as Chairman I have learnt that at this time of year there are moments when you find out about people who are leaving but also you get excited about the potential players or helpers that will come or return to make us stronger. One thing for sure anyone that leaves does so with the knowledge that they are leaving a club that has the best, loyal and most vocal fans in our league.  


Other Movements:

Conrad Lee, Jack Steventon (To Herne Bay), Sam Welch, Josh Wisson, Simon Overland (expected to join Faversham Town).

 News of those joining the club will be announced when they are known. 


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