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3 lucky winners will receive a prize of £40.00! ONCE A MONTH a LUCKY WINNER WILL RECEIVE £100. EACH DECEMBER THERE IS ONE DRAW FOR £500.

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Week Commencing 3rd December 2017 

£40 Ticket no: 101, Neil Cornelius, Westcliffe-On-Sea
£40 Ticket no: 379, Sian Greenslade, Swansea
£ 40 Ticket no: 202, Carol Simmons, Sittingbourne

Week Commencing 27th November 2017 (These prizes drawn on the pitch)

£500 Ticket no: 027, Yvonne McCarthy, Sittingbourne
£40 Ticket no: 233, John Cooper, Sittingbourne
£ 40 Ticket no: 657, Mark Ford, Sittingbourne

Week Commencing 20th November 2017

£40 Ticket no: 154, Paul Allen, Upchurch
£40 Ticket no: 340, Michael Barrow, Sittingbourne
£ 40 Ticket no: 576, Doris Goodman, Sittingbourne

Week Commencing 13th November 2017

£40 Ticket no: 640, Brian Stemp, Sittingbourne
£40 Ticket no: 257, Kevin Manser, Sittingbourne
£ 40 Ticket no: 153, Eddie Witt, Bapchild